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Being a Project Manager is not an easy job. Having to manage time, cost, quality, suppliers, customers and staff while meeting stakeholder expectations can be enough to keep anyone awake at night! To succeed, you need to use a suite of best-practice Project Management Templates for initiating, planning, executing and closing projects effectively.
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You need Project Management Forms with templates with a well-structured Table of Contents, which clearly define each section.
Then within each section, you need detailed instructions describing how to quickly and efficiently complete it.
To save time, you also want each section to include relevant tables, graphs and charts.
It would also be extremely useful to have practical examples in each section so that you are one step ahead before you have even started!
If you had all of these things, you would really be empowered to create best-practice documentation for your project. The Project Management Kit satisfies ALL of the above requirements and much more. It will also help you to:
  • Initiate your projects by developing Business Cases, undertaking Feasibility Studies, creating Terms of Reference, appointing project teams and setting up Project Offices
  • Plan your projects by creating Project Plans, Resource Plans, Financial Plans, Quality Plans, Risk Plans, Acceptance Plans, Communications Plans and Procurement Plans
  • Execute your projects by undertaking:
    • Time Management
    • Cost Management
    • Quality Management
    • Change Management
    • Risk Management
    • Issue Management
    • Procurement Management
    • Acceptance Management and
    • Communications Management

  • Close your projects by completing Project Closure Reports and Post Implementation Reviews to identify your successes and lessons learnt

Never start from scratch

The Project Management Kit provides all of the document templates you need to successfully undertake a project. Whether you need to create a Project Plan, perform a Feasibility Study, manage Change Control or mitigate Risks, there is a pre-completed Project Management template here to help you.
This way you never have to start from scratch. All you need is Microsoft Word, Excel and this Kit will help you to rapidly create high quality project documentation right now.
This Kit has been designed to help managers, teams, consultants, trainers and students undertake projects by providing project management forms which support every activity within a project.
More than 150 tables, diagrams, checklists and sample forms are included, as well as thousands of practical examples to help you create project documents today.
These project management forms are currently used by more than 45,000 people in 51 countries to create project documentation quickly and efficiently.
"View a sample template. Click here to download a Risk Plan template for your project. By viewing this template, you will gain an appreciation of the depth and coverage of the templates required to deliver projects successfully within this valuable Project Management Kit."
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Compelling benefits

"Ok, I'm keen. What are the benefits?"

Whether you're a Project Manager, team member, consultant, trainer or student, you'll benefit from using these templates. This Project Management Kit:
Substantially lowers the time taken to produce deliverables
Reduces the cost of the project by giving you a head-start for each project activity
Improves the quality of your deliverables by using best-practice processes
Minimizes scope creep by using strict change control procedures
Mitigates project risks through detailed Risk Planning
Resolves issues efficiently using Issue Management Processes
Greatly improves the likelihood of a project achieving the time, cost and quality expectations of the customer - thereby achieving project success!
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Everything you need

"So what's included within the Project Management Kit?"
This Kit includes all of the project management forms needed to successfully complete a project - from Initiation and Planning to Execution and Closure.
Over 50 incredibly comprehensive project management templates are included, as listed below:
Project Lifecycle diagram

Project Initiation

Business Case
Feasibility Study
Terms of Reference
Job Description
Project Office Checklist
Phase Review Form (Initiation)

Project Planning

Project Plan
Resource Plan
Financial Plan
Quality Plan
Risk Plan
Acceptance Plan
Communications Plan
Procurement Plan
Tender Management Process
Statement of Work
Request for Information
Request for Proposal
Supplier Contract
Tender Management Register
Phase Review Form (Planning)

Project Closure

Project Closure Report
Post Implementation Review

Project Execution

Time Management Process
Timesheet Form
Timesheet Register
Cost Management Process
Expense Form
Expense Register
Quality Management Process
Quality Review Form
Deliverables Register
Change Management Process
Change Request Form
Change Register
Risk Management Process
Risk Form
Risk Register
Issue Management Process
Issue Form
Issue Register
Procurement Management Process
Purchase Order Form
Procurement Register
Acceptance Management Process
Acceptance Form
Acceptance Register
Communications Management Process
Project Status Report
Communications Register
Phase Review Form (Execution)

The Best Templates on the Web

"The web is full of project templates. Why are these different?"

Project Template Form sample
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Coverage: The templates explain how to complete all Project Lifecycle activities
Depth: Each activity is described in detail by listing the tasks needed to undertake it as well as the roles of those responsible for its completion.
Quality: These project management templates were created by real Project Managers for real projects. They have been professionally designed and have a high quality finish.
Writing Style: They're written in plain text without complex terminology. They are very easy to read and even easier to use.
Tools: More than 150 Charts, Tables, Forms and Checklists as well as thousands of practical examples are included to help you create project documents quickly and efficiently.

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